Virtual Worlds Zone is a non-commercial grid, maintained and sponsored by OpenSim enthusiasts.


The grid and welcome region went live at 08-24-2020 at 18:52 EST.

Our grid is invite only but is accessible by Hypergrid at address


Virtual Worlds Zone does not ban other grids.

We believe that banning other grids does “break” the Metaverse and “break” a lot of friendships people have between grids.

When visiting the grid you need to respect our TOS. If not, please leave the grid and have a good life.

VWZ Hardware.

The Grid service has a dedicated server and is located at a ISO certificated datacenter in Germany.

Core i9 CPU – 64 GB Memory – Unmetered 1Gbps network

RAID 1 (2x 960GB (SSD (NVMe) PCIe)


REGIONSERVERS – NVMe Disks – 2 fast bare metal servers with i7 cores – 32+ GB memory each.