Sunvibes is our main sim for Sunvibes projects ( the other two sims are Africa and Shanti ).

This sim includes a workshop where you will find useful building tools, a Linux cafe with info on Linux and open source/open content projects, an area dedicated to past projects, a Fractal island, a mandala corner and you can also pick up fun particle effects. 

Hop there using this link :

Remember to turn on stream to listen to our main Sunvibes mix – a unique mix of tunes from all over the world.

The big Sunvibes sign

Chill at the welcome area and enjoy the view – including this huge Sunvibes sign decorated with sunflowers and Tux penguins 🙂

Sunvibes welcome area

You are always welcome here – a fun place to relax while browsing Sunvibes info.

Remember to turn on stream to hear the main Sunvibes stream :

Sunvibes workshop

Visit the workshop to pick up useful tools and materials while creating in opensim. Usually “take copy” works – otherwise try to “buy” items.

Linux Cafe

Check out the cafe if you are interested in learning more about Linux, open source and open content projects.

Enjoy this song dedicated to the Linux Cafe and everyone that visits it 🙂

Fractal island

Learn about fractal generator tools and take some designs home if you like them.