At Sunvibes Africa – you will find great music from all over the continent and locations that will tell you about Africa in various ways.

There is a little village, a blues hut, a tea hut, learn about the Ndebele people of Southern Africa, visit the Kippies Jazz club while listening to the dedicated music streams.

Hop there using this link :

Sunvibes Africa streams ( available 24/7 )


Enjoy the African wilderness and the vastness of the African plains.

Kippies Jazz

Visit the Kippies Jazz club and turn on stream to hear a selection of SA Jazz tunes.

African wildlife info

Visit the Wildlife hut to learn about the wildlife at the Kruger National Park.

Ndebele land

Visit Ndebele land to learn about the unique patterns of the Ndebele people of Southern Africa.

Blues hut

The Blues hut will introduce you to a unique type of blues music played in Mali.