To visit the VWZ grid follow the instructions below.



Step 1:

To access the VWZ grid you need to download a viewer. Most used is FireStorm.

You can get a free copy here.   Make sure you select the SL & Opensim version!

Step 2: Install and configure the viewer

When installed start the viewer and select “viewer”> “preferences”.

Select OpenSim.

In the grid manager fill in the address of the grid and click “apply”. All needed information will be retrieved from the gridserver.

You now should see theVWZ grid among the other OpenSim grids. 

Make sure your grid uri is:


Step 3: Create your account

When you have installed and configured the viewer it is time to make an account that will give you access to the grid.

Use the Wifi interface to make an account, go to

Send me an email to activate your account at

Step 4: Login
Now start up the viewer, select the ” VWZ Grid” and fill in your username and password to login.
Note: For password resets please email!

Welcome to the grid, if there are any questions or you need some support contact me, have fun!



Additional information

You can also connect your own region to the grid for more information contact

If you want to access the grid from other grids/regions use these value’s;

  • Hypergrid Address:
  • Landing Region: VWZ Welcome

Problems….. ?

Help is on it’s way